The proposed slogan for the company is “KHULNA WASA – Safe Water, Safe Life”.


The Vision, Mission and Values Statements of KWASA’s generated during the workshop are given below followed by the objectives that form the basis for the investments and future actions identified in this business plan.


To be the pioneer in the water and sewerage sector in Bangladesh ensuring a safe and sustainable water supply and environment friendly sewerage management for  Khulna City to the satisfaction of the customer




To ensure digital service to all customers supplying sufficient amount of potable water and proper sewerage solutions by 2020; through use of e-technology, automation, research,  effective planning and HR development, raising finance for investment in service expansion, efficient operation & maintenance and sharing of experience with similar organizations;



KHULNA WASA Objectives:
  •  24 hour water supply to all customers  – from 2016/17 (SWTP commissioning)
  • 100% Water coverage by 2020 through sustainable sources including rain water harvesting, surface water treatment  minimizing ground water abstraction
  • Deliver water to Bangladeshi water quality standards – by 2017
  • Think about customers first – establish one stop service – within 2010/11
  • Digital Billing for all customers by 2012;
  • Metering of all connections by 2015;
  • Establish customer friendly revenue collection options – within 2011/12
  • Develop/implement computerized management systems – accounting, billing, within 2011/12
  • Establish an effective Sewerage Master Plan – within 2015