KWASA (Water And Sewerage Authority) established on 2 March 2008.
Specific objective of KWASA
●  Construction, operation and maintenance of necessary infrastructure for water supply for domestic, industrial and commercial      purpose.
●  Construction operation and maintenance of sewerage system.
●  Construction operation and maintenance of drainage system.
●  Covered service area – 45.60sq km.
●  Present population – 1.50 Million.
●  Served population – Around 0.70 Million.
●  Number of Hand Tube wells- 10,000 Nos.
●  Number of Production Tube wells (14”x6”)- 32Nos.
●  Number of Mini Production Tube wells (6”x3”)- 42Nos.
●  Present water supply of KWASA is 30 MLD through pipe line and 90 MLD by 10,000 Hand Tube wells constructed in the  whole KWASA area.
●  Monthly Total Bill Amount- TK 10,72,165.00.
●  No. of Total House connection 18,041 Nos. (Up to 23/04/2014)